In short,

We have an interest in Life, The Universe and Everything. On the internet.

Questions you weren't asking about yourself about this site. And answers that may or may not be helpful

I was at a blank about what to write for an about us page so I decided to do it in the form of a FAQ.

1.0 Just who are you people?

We're just people. Nothing to worry about.
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2.0 Why does this website exist?

Well, turns out that we have opinions we feel like the rest of the world should be painfully be made aware of. Most people use some social networking crap or other these days but we are have an old fashioned blog. You may like it or not, but there it is.
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4.0 What do you even talk about?

Our interests are varied. It's basically about out hobbies, shows/movies we watch, PC games we play and random other things we just stumble across
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5.0 Do you have a system for churning out those awesomely written articles?

Not really, no.

Well, currently we have 2 authors/editors on this site, root and nerdwife. root tends to do pretty much all the article writing, research, publishing. nerdwife provided feedback on drafts. We like to write in a way that is entertaining to us and the rest just happens.

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6.0 Isn't proclaiming oneself as the 'nerd on the internet' a bit pretentious?

It might be. It turns out that this domain nerdontheinter.net had just been sitting there, unclaimed, when we were randomly poking at possible domain names to register a few years back. It was really surprising somebody else wasn't already using it or just had it parked.
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7.0 So what is a 'nerd on the internet' anyway?

Something that will make all your dreams come true.
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8.0 Is it safe?

Yes, it is very safe. You on the other hand, might be in grave danger.
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9.0 Are those really the kinds of questions I should be asking?

I'm sure you will be able to find a licensed psychiatric professional in your zipcode/provice/state/district/gereral area to help you with that.
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