nerdwife started watching this show and wrote the review for episode 1. Read here. The following contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Although I don't know that it would ruin anyone's day.

Boruto, giving us the thumbs up without any provocation die

The heck is this crap?

It is not uncommon for anime series to put a lot more effort in the first few episodes in order to "hook" as many new viewers as they can, but then gradually put less effort/quality in subsequent episodes until they ramp it up again for the finale. For Boruto the animation quality dipped immediately on the second episode. We have less fluid camera angles and the backgrounds are much more bare compared to episode 1.

So this episode begins after a two week suspension due to last week's debacle where Naruto lite aka Boruto, launched a impromptu terrorist attack on his dad's face's monument instead of just stopping a self destructing prototype train car and walking to school, which he coulda and shoulda but didnta. That is the kind of jackass we're dealing with here, ladies and gentlemen.

side note; we can expect about 8000 episodes of fillers later on to flashback those missing 2 weeks.

We open the episode on Boruto sauntering back into the Ninja Academy accompanied by his geeky-because-glasses new friend, Denki, and getting lectured by Shika-green-eyes, asking him to please try not make an ass of himself on his very first day (two weeks delayed).

Boruto promptly enters the class declaring more or less: "Wassap bitches, I'm Uzumaki Boruto, dattebassa!" and is naturally assumed to be an ass by the present company.

Other side note; this was the present company:

Boruto classmates This guy. He's the one to watch out for. Middle schooler in sunglasses and tie? Trouble.

There ensues some banter, various characters are shown on screen and contextually introduced, i.e. we hear their names for the first time and get a sense on where they fall on the dere scale. There is also some hushed name calling directed at Boruto from the back rows and a more direct confrontation with Sai Jr (Inoji), from which we know they will be "rivals," written as "friends," as is the Shounen staple.

The tension with Sai Jr is shelved as Shino (the bug guy, now teacher and horizontal Geordi La Forge) enters the class and, one assumes, does his thing.

There later is a P.E. class where Boruto scores the second best time on some sort of obstacle course. So far he seems more adept at nin/taijutsus than his dad was at his age. We discover through data and graphs, provided by Denki, who carries around a laptop (seriously?), that the number 1 spot is held by a guy called Iwabe.

Naturally, Boruto and friends run into Iwabe in the next scene. Iwabe, who apparently repeated the same grade a couple of times, is all 'u suk!' and 'shinobi is strength!' then roughs up Denki a bit, causing Boruto to predictably challenge Iwabe to a fight. Or perhaps it was Iwabe who challenged Boruto?

Third side note; Anko has been letting herself go and eating too much dango, which are incidentally usually full of anko (red bean paste). #ANKODANGOANKOCEPTION!!1

So there is the fight, during which there is a lot of banter and more 'u suk', 'no u suk' and 'no u suk more' kind of thing. We then learn that Iwabe repeated grades because while he is good at the ninja stuff, he's not so good at the regular school stuff. Your maths, history, and whatnots.

The high point of the fight, for me, is when Iwabe mentions Chakra and Denki immediately opens his laptop to google the term.

Obviously, albeit inexplicably, Boruto wins the fight because, in the middle of it all, his shadow clones suddenly become non-poofable and can take several direct hits, which allows him to overpower Iwabe.


The episode ends with Iwabe now all smitten for Boruto....

Incomprehensible. Hence the "what the heck is this crap?" I opened with.

Final side note;

Something that has been bugging me since the first episode..

Take his head..

but what if..

and then..

which results in..

so naturally..

therefore, one more time, with feeling,

tomatoruto Pineapple, Tomato and I want to say.. Upside down shallot?