So we're switching to reviewing episodes in batches instead of one at a time. Not enough happens in each episode to warrant the effort of writing individual full length reviews.

The following was intermittently written by both root and nerdwife. Try to spot each other's edits. We dare you.

Season 01 Episode 04

An episode of clich├ęs.

Yakisoba bread These actually exist

The last of the yakisoba pan trope. The very common scenario in high school situated rom/com anime where a single yakisoba pan or yakisoba bread, which as the name suggests is yakisoba noodles on bread, remains for sale at the school cafeteria and since it is a very popular lunch item, various protagonists will clash, fight, bleed, and cry in order to claim it. Incidentally, noodles on bread sounds kind of a weird combo but I've never tasted it and would not risk the experiment of making some myself either so I cannot comment on why anime after anime would obsess about it so. Maybe it actually tastes awful and it's meant to be taken ironically.

So anyway, only one yaksioba remains and both Boruto and Sarada want it. And then the entire school blows up. Exactly in that order. Nothing else happened in between. Believe it.

There was some sudden reveal of the ominous thing looming in the the shadows, we saw an episode back. It is apparently something of snake and humanoid(monkey?) that lurks in the dimensions whence the summoned creatures come from. Boruto is able to summon it/him for some yet unexplained reason.

Season 01 Episode 05

If you were betting that we were done with highschool anime tropes, then sucks to be you. A Wild Transfer Student Appears.

Mitsuki Don't mind me, I am not at all a suspicious character

This episode begins with the introduction of Mitsuki, a new Mysterious Transfer Student (literally the name of the episode) from the Hidden Sound Village (aka Orochimaru's home base) with snakelike yellow eyes and a wide variety of skills. Obviously, he is an odd sort of fellow. He clearly has an obsession with Boruto, wondering if he'll be his "sun," and nearly strangles Awabe to death during a training match. Nbd though, that's pretty much par for the course in this show.

Side note here, we discover that Shino has other sunglasses he wears instead of his usual horizontal Geordi LaForge like evening casual, and also his limited edition I don't really give a shit anymore.

In an effort to better integrate Mitsuki with the class, Shino throws him a really awkward welcome party, complete with stuffed animals animated by his pet bugs. As everyone starts freaking out about the thousands of tiny bugs suddenly everywhere, Mitsuki does a wind jutsu that destroys part of the school's reconstruction. Seems they'll never have a proper classroom at this rate.

The next day, one of the construction workers is plagued by the dark chakra, which we discover Mitsuki can see as well. A handful of students attempt to bring the guy down (of course no one thinks to seek help from an adult), and Boruto ultimately ends up toppling over the top of the building with him in a piledriver onto concrete one floor down. Yes, the wrestling move seen in Jackass movies. Mitsuki does another wind jutsu to cushion their fall and save their asses (and Botuto from a manslaughter charge). Now we know Mitsuki is a "Good Guy" and everyone can like him even though he's "weird".

The episode ends with Shino sulking about being a shitty teacher, and - surprise - he's the next victim of the dark chakra. Possessed Shino invites Mitsuki (why? he's literally been there 2 days), Boruto, and Shikadai to a battle of the death in the woods before the credits roll.

Season 01 Episode 06

Fight. Bugs. Running away from previous. Strategising on the tree tops. An awful lot of Shino's "so much woe is me" lines. And finally, the Konoha leadership takes notice of that dark chakra possessing people epidemic.

This episode was supposed to the climactic conclusion to last week's episode but it really could have been edited down to a 3 minute clip without losing any substance. There is no impressive ninjustsu, strategy or revelations.

Shino was pretty badass in the previous series. In this episode the most "impressive" technique he pulls off is eating some trees with his bugs. He also appears to have terminator eyes meaning that he's a cyborg now. That made so little sense that I'm crossing out the previous sentence and this one to show how little I care for it but still keeping in the article to assert my contempt for it.

We're also not surprised to find out that Mitsuki has a Sai like personality. i.e. A likable sociopath. I'm guessing that based on the previous show, the comedy involving Sai was way more entertaining than the emo languish relationship between Naruto and Sasuke.

Other thought, Mistuki suddenly extends his arms a la Orochimaru, and Shidekai's reaction, seeing that for the first time ever probably, was essentially "cool move bro".

Season 01 Episode 07

a single potato chip Pote-chi

I watched this episode only yesterday and I already can't remember what it's about.

potato chips? Stealth camouflage? SNAAAAAAAAAKE!?

This episode may have introduced a new character? or maybe not? I'm pretty sure Boruto committed some kind of felony or crime against humanity in this one too.

We are biased heavily against this show but then again, it's not really putting up any fight.

Ah, yes. one thing I do remember. I thought it was funny how they just store Ninja Tools in a regular storage room as you'd find in any high school. You basically have shelves and boxes full on explosives and other deadly weapons within easy reach of untrained kids.