After waiting several hours for the game to install and several minutes for the game to launch, this is what I see:

Really, Bethesda?

And you wonder why games get pirated.

I know that the game came out a while ago and this shitty title screen was probably introduced after several updates (maybe?) but this completely ruins the atmosphere. I've played Id software games quite a bit in my day and they had, for the most part, sombre themes which were in line with the rest of the game. This just looks like the frigging little squares click bait ads come in.

The first hurdle, Steam. I dislike steam. I tend to get all my games from sites like which offer only DRM free titles. There are very few games that I am willing to make an exception for.

Despite coming with an installation disk, you still have to download most of the game for a few hours. Then launching the game lead to a blank screen with lots of disk activity for a minute or so followed by the intro sequence to stutter badly, which is not a good first impression. but apparently that's a normal thing the first time you run the game. After which there was a loading screen. Then another smaller loading screen. and then a list of terms and conditions you need to agree with apparently. And finally that piece of shit title screen. Where I just gave up and exited. Took a few minutes to exit too by the way.

So yeah.. at the time of posting this, I have not yet played the game. More posts to follow when I actually start a campaign.

Expect lots of rants on how console games have ruined first person shooters.