Gog.com summer sale 2017 banner As the graphic suggests, there are many traps and dangers up ahead.

So the gog.com summer sale is here. You can read a blurb about it on their own outlet

Now, I'm not going to tell you what to play but I'd like to point out a few gems that are on sale. (At time of writing of course.)

You should take your time and browse though everything. Not sure if new items will go on sale each day but check the current sales and pace yourself.

Thus concludes the genial part of the article.

And now, a couple of things to gripe about.

I've been buying most of my PC games on gog.com for a while. Almost entirely because of their promise that they are DRM free, and to some extent that they have many of the older games I actually would want to play. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to say, games I have already played and have fond memories of. Whence came the moniker Good Old Games.

However in recent times, they've started selling not just newer titles, but actually brand new titles at full price. That's all fine and dandy but it used to be everything was either $10 or $5 and it was fairly simple system. But now the prices have started to go above that, even for older titles. For example, Quake III is incomprehensibly listed at $15... Seems to me what if a game is nearing legal drinking age, it should probably sell at an inversely proportional cost. I can only guess that it's because of pressure by the game publishers that the prices are so all over the place. In the case of Quake III, it's Bethesda, who is quickly turning into another Electronic Arts.

So the prices aren't as fair as they should be.

Another recent trend that's been bugging me.. They currently claim to have 20001 or so titles available in their catalogue.

However, if you happen to browse through, you'll often see something like this:

Gog.com selling bonus This is a mere sampler.

I don't know if someone over at GoG still think this was clever marketing but it used to be, not too long ago, that if you bought a game on gog.com, you got all the bonuses included; wallpapers, sound tracks, manuals, even DLCs. And if additional DLCs for an already purchased title became available, they'd be available free of charge. It feels particularly stupid how they are multiplying editions, paid extras and episodic smorgasbord, just so they can inflate their profits slightly.

But again, I suspect that may be because game publishers and developers are getting greedier. And GoG.com is just falling prey to it's own success as a distributor.

  1. This is a footnote but only for dramatic effect. It's to draw your attention to the fact that the figure referenced is actually fishy. I'm not going to explain things here that would take too long and detract from the purpose of this article. Just go back to the up and keep reading.