I woke up today to find in my inbox an email from gog.com accouncing the release/ sale of Outcast - Second Contact, which is not, as I was hoping, the revival of the once cancelled sequel to the original Outcast game, but instead a "reboot" of sorts. It's basically the same story but they redid the rendering engine/textures/models for more eye candy. If it was just that, it would have been fine, but something... vexed me.

I played the original Outcast game, back when many of you were just a bunch of Schroedingers, and I really really enjoyed it. It was that game that would have shut up everybody who doubted video games as Art - from the visuals to the music to the dialogue. At the time, it probably didn't get as much recognition as it deserved and probably still to this day.

But anyway, the thing that vexed me...

This is the protagonist, Cutter Slade as seen on the box art of the original game:

And no, I will not address the name Cutter Slade. That would take too long.

and this.. is the reboot version.

Am I the only one seeing this?

Eeeh a bit on the paler side than he used to be, isn't he? Also wtf beefcake?

I don't really know how to comment on this, except asking was this REALLY necessary? The old Slade was definitely not as Caucasian as the new one. To me, given his voice and appearance, he kind of looks like a black guy. I was genuinely excited when I read that Ouctast was getting an upgrade but the new Cutter Slade is kind of making me cringe about buying this one.