This post and video have been backdated. Maybe a bit my fault for taking forever to decide on how to edit those videos. 2X speed? 4X speed? And now come there's absolutely no decent sounding Star Wars like background music (hence the Jazz) that you can legally use in a Youtube video?


Quick review/overview in passing of that model kit.

This is the famous Rogue 5 X-Wing or just Luke Skywalker's X-wing for you neophytes, the one he blew up the Death Star with then ended up in a ditch on Dagobah.

It is a snap fit model, so no glue required. Manufactured by Bandai Hobby, so the quality and build detail is pretty awesome.

Things included:

  • the X-wing itself.
    • The S-foils open and close.
    • Landing gear are included you can swap them in if you don't want it to be displayed as in the hangar just before the attack on the first Death Star.
  • Tiny figures of Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, and R5-D4, the droid most famous for being critically unmotivated.
    • You get 2 of each droids.
    • Skywalker comes in a pair too. One standing, one sitting so as to be placed in the cockpit
  • Water slide decals or stickers for additional detailing.
  • A display stand AND the Death Star's butthole AND 2 proton torpedoes. So you can replicate the destruction of the death star, where Luke shot a couple of proton torpedoes up it's butthole, essentially.

This is an intermediate level kit. The assembly of the X-Wing itself isn't that complicated But the cockpit canopy can be a bit finicky to hold in place. You can't easily place/remove sitting Skywalker in the cockpit so unless you modify said cockpit, like I did, to allow easy egress of said sitting Skywalker.

Cockpit modifications on the X-WingSeat doubles as a floatation device. In Space?

You may find yourself in need of a fresh Xacto blade or a fine jewelery saw to achieve this effect.

Overall, this kit is a must have if you are even a little bit a fan of the original trilogy.