This is the 1/60th scale model of the Type X-0. This labor first appeared on screen in the 1989 feature film Patlabor The Movie as the last boss, essentially. This kit I'm building right there is probably a reissue of the original kit that came out in 1990. I could definitely feel the age in the design though.

Unlike newer kits (well, anything 15 year old-ish or more), it has some plastic on plastic joints. Most kits use soft plastic polycaps which don't wear out so easily and provide smoother articulation. Plastic on plastic joints are much stiffer and tend to wear out if you move them too much. As I discovered, unfortunately, while I was reassembling the model with the rubber hosing that hide the naked joints; one of the hip joints simply broke off. Live and learn or some crap like that.

Here are a few photos of the completed model. Despite having a broken hip, it can still stand on its own.