It looked so much better on the box.

This is the PlaMo build video for the Heavy Arms Custom Mobile Suit as seen on Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA

Why I bought this kit?

It looked pretty sweet on the box.

What I think is okay about this kit:

The vanilla build is not as detailed as I'd like but considering this is a kit that came out in 2000, it's not too bad. There are many opening panels on chest and shoulders for attack mode and the Gatling guns can be mounted on the back. The leg and hips however require parts to be swapped out for attack mode.

What I regret about buying this kit:

Bits and pieces keep falling off. I've only done a dry assembly which means no paint, stickers, decals, filling small gaps and more importantly gluing parts together but it's annoying how the smaller bits fall off if I move the kit a bit.

Also.. I've been trying to limit myself to 1/144 scale kits on the GunPla, mostly so what when I have them all lined up, there won't be 1/100 scale ones towering over the rest. On it's own it looks like an averagely proportioned Mobile Suit but next to a regular gundam... it's comes up a bit short.

H Arms and RX-78-2 side by side 'sup, bra?'