The following article will attempt to keep SPOILERS as LIGHT as permissible by law and comedic effect.

Louis C.K 2017 on Netflix Maybe these were the only clean clothes I had left, then again, maybe not.

Louis C.K.'s latest comedy special was made available for streaming on Netflix a few days ago. Now, contrary to what the title may suggest, it's not explicitly about the subject on everybody's mind in the year 2017, i.e. Trump and his goons.

Although I can see how people might have made that assumption, what with the title and the suit. Especially the suit. Seems too deliberate to not be on purpose. Then again, he could just be dressing up as appropriate to what he now feels is his age.

It kind of feels like comedians have been holding their breath since the end of the election last year. At least as far as stand up comedy specials go. It probably takes a while for the new material to be written, toured around, filmed, edited and published. It's really more appalling than funny at this point. But anyway;

What to expect from this show and or takeaways:

Kill yourself. The DMV will not be expecting that.

It's less fun to behead bald people.

If eleven, why not twelve?

Do you know the name of Achilles' mother?

Various sexual acts will be emulated on stage.

There's a full 20 seconds where nothing happens. Wait for it.


In summary, it's still a nice hour and 15 minutes or so of not at all awkward self-deprecating comedy. There are several sharp observations in there too if you can keep track.