As seen on TV. literally.

I have been building gunpla for a few weeks now and it's already starting to feel like they all look and feel very similar. So I've started to branch out into other series that have mechas or other vehicles that were converted to scale models.

I did a high grade PatLabor kit last time. This time it's from a somewhat more obscure anime called Martian Successor Nadesico. I won't go into details about the show, might do a proper review some day. But they did have mechas called Aestivalis Battleframes. And those were indeed released as Plastic Model Kits or PlaMo, as shown in video above. There was even an interlude type episode where they were building a scale diorama of an Aestivalis battle field using plastic model kits.

Quick review of the kit itself

This is definitely old school. Not "early gundam, need to glue and paint everything and can't really pose them" old but definitely old. Compared to the 1/60 scale PatLabor kits, it doesn't feel as polished even though they are PlaMo from the same era. In fact, it is kind of clunky. But then again, the anime itself was kind of clunky too.

Here are a few pictures of the assembled Aestivalis with a rough paint job:

I may put up more pictures if I ever get around to finishing the paint job some day, but for now that model will just be sitting on the back a shelf.