This article contains INCIDENTAL SPOILERS. Read if you dare.

X-23 and James Howlett cover for Marvel Generations #1 issue Short, Angry, and Canadian. Not necessarily in that order.

The above was published on the Marvel News blog today.

Now, for me personally, most of what I know of the Marvel Universe was through following the meanderings of Logan. He was technically immortal (up until his death obviously), indestructible (or so they claim), and was somewhat long lived (200-ish years old?). Also short, angry (due to constant heavy metal poisoning), and Canadian. For these reasons, he had run ins with virtually all villains and non-villians in the MCBU. I didn't really follow other characters' story lines. For example, I didn't know that The Hulk was also dead in the MCBU until yesterday. Imagine that. All it took was an arrow to Bruce Banner's face.

Wolverine "died" for realsies a while back in the Marvel Universe comics and has mysteriously stayed dead ever since. There is an excellent website which tracks his current death here: It does seem that Logan has stayed dead a bit longer than expected at this point though.

There were a few rumblings that he might [be] return[ed] to life in the aftermath stories. There was that one thing with Deadpool going to extraordinary lengths to collect Wolverine memorabilia, including DNA samples so that he could clone Wolverine in a handily available cloning machine. Then there was another thing where Mystique had been tricked by her late lover to assemble many of Wolverine's former enemies, some allies, family, and clone/daughter to bring her (the lover) back from the dead but it was really to bring back Wolverine "because the world would not survive what was coming without him" or something like that. Got so close with the Mystique thing. So close.

Then there were more rumblings that Wolverine might be coming back but it seems that with this latest news release directly from the Marvel Mouth Horse, this may just be some flashbacky passing the torch kind of crap and not proper resurrections.

yerp.. Also, is it me or do all the new ones look like a bunch of millennials?